Marine vessel repair?

Archibald Thiel asked a question: Marine vessel repair?
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Nkt marine resource plan - cable repair vessel guarantee

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  • Marine Vessel Repair & Maintenance Bludworth Marine offers a very complete line of marine repair and maintenance services. Servicing the US Gulf of Mexico area, Bludworth has multiple locations in Galveston, Houston and Orange, Texas, where we can service nearly any need on any vessel.

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Marine and boat upholstery repair | we can fix that!

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Marine Vessel Repair Maritime New Construction Structural Steel Fabrication Offshore Construction Machine Shop Pier Complex Rental OUR OFFICES 3075 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY USA 10303 +1 718 442 9700 ...

MARINE ENTERPRISE is a globally operating engineering service company for marine and general purpose machinery. Together with partner companies in the major ports of the world our experienced engineers manage after-sales service tasks efficiently – from the first estimate to completion of the job.

Home » Services » Vessel Repair Carmet Marine offer a repair service, whether routine or emergency, to ensure vessels are back in safe working condition with minimal delay. The shipyard is in an ideal location, and has the team, experience and equipment to act quickly and efficiently to client’s needs.

Mobile Shipyard Marine Repair & Vessel Maintenance Some vessels and projects cannot come to our facility due to urgency, distance or cost. JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard’s Mobile Shipyard crews are available to bring many shipyard services directly to our customers across the State of Alaska.

Marine Vessel Repair and Maintenance Training. The Alaska Maritime Training Center (AMTC) at AVTEC offers a Marine Vessel Repair and Maintenance training package. This training will support the high demand shore based vessel repair, maintenance, and ship construction industry. This Students can enroll in all the training units as a package or pick ...

AU Marine Services - Marine Vessel Maintenance and Repair AU Marine Services offers the convenience of professional technician availability and prompt service. Set up maintenance around your schedule and AU Marine Services will dispatch trained, qualified and dedicated technicians to your vessel on time ready to exceed expectations.

We provide service in most Africa countries such as Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Congo, Togo, etc. Store supply, LSA inspection, repair, underwater and agent, etc are our main business. We have approvals from many makers of life boat and life raft worldwide, together with class certificates of DNVGL, NK, LR, BV, KR, etc.

Marine Engine Repair, Vessel Maintenance, Electrical, On-Board Systems & More! Phone: (360) 332-5051 Full Service Boat Yard Commercial and Pleasure Vessels Full Service Boat Yard with Marine Engine & Vessel Maintenance

Established in 1998, Brightsun Marine provides specialized services in the Ship Repair sector. By adapting a customer-centric focus, we have established a strong and proven track record in providing quality services with Safe working practice. We are the preferred contractor to all leading Shipyard's at Singapore, Ship Owner's & Ship Manager's ...

Marine / Vessel Engineers (Ship Repair / Mechanical / $3.5K - $4.5K) RC Salary: 3,500 - 4,500 SGD Career Edge Asia Pte Ltd - Engineering

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Underwater ship repairing, underwater vessel welding - svc marine services co ltd