Proper way to write a marine corps fit rep?

Alisa Kilback asked a question: Proper way to write a marine corps fit rep?
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  • Ultimately, FITREPs need to properly demonstrate a Marine’s qualitative and quantitative value to the Corps. The best way to this value is through objective, substantive examples.

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Commitment to train, educate, and challenge all Marines regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, or gender. Mentorship. Cultivating professional and personal development of subordinates. Developing team players and esprit de corps. Ability to combine teaching and coaching. Creating an atmosphere tolerant of mistakes in the course of ...

Fitness Report writing requires a blend of science and art. The science of a Fitness Report is largely dictated by Marine Corps Order (MCO) P1610.7f –the Performance Evaluation System (PES). The...

The MRO is the subject of the fitness report. The MRO should submit a summary of accomplishments to the RS prior to the end of the reporting period. The MRO must possess a clear understanding of...

Corps evaluates a Marine’s performance for purposes of competitive selection (promotion, enlisted to officer programs, command assignment, retention, etc.). Sergeants through major generals receive fitness reports. As an officer, you will write fitness reports on your Marines, review the fitness reports of your peers or subordinate officers, and

write a value added FITREP either, but you have not identified that because you failed to give the correct level of attention a report should deserve, you may be sending more of a message than you intended—and it might not be the MRO its reflecting. “Belt fed Marine. Fire and forget weap - on.” We considered these to be generally

Officer Fitrep Bullets. Try and start your FITREP bullets with a hard hitting action word or words, IN ALL CAPS, and then elaborate on it. For example: OUTSTANDING LEADER: Lead a 25 man platoon into Afghanistan for a 60 day security mission. LT Smith security mission was responsible for securing 25 square miles of land and enabling the first ever ...

7 Suggestions for Writing your Officer Fitrep; Benefits of Serving on a Selection Board; Download the Navy Counseling Sheet; Enhancers and Detractors for the Chiefs Board; Guidance on Writing a Better Brag Sheet; Phrases, Catch Words & Power Words. 43 Catch Words for FITREP and Eval Writing; 325 Verbs for FITREP and Eval Writing; 32 Knock out Phrases

The first rule of a good brag sheet is that it starts the day after the last reporting period ends. take it a working document that evolves and grows from month-to-month. Take five minutes at the end of the last drill to write down the month accomplishments before heading for the parking lot.

The correct way to address a Second Lieutenant named Mr. Miller is "Lieutenant Miller", or written as 2ndLt Miller. In formal situations, a Second Lieutenant should always be addressed by their full rank.

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