Repair vynil seats seam broken marine boat?

Moses Johnston asked a question: Repair vynil seats seam broken marine boat?
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  • Get the low heat setting patches as anything with higher heat will melt the vinyl. But then again, if you have the seat off to place a patch, just get it fixed right. You can suture the seat from the top side as long as you understand that it is a visible repair.

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With your seats adequately prepped, you’ll find the next step far easier. Vinyl Repair For Boat Seats. Now that you’ve got an idea on how to prep your seats, it’s time to take the next step: the actual repair. A vinyl repair patch kit is your ally here. This is especially true for “cuts” in the vinyl that are easy to patch up.

When it comes to repairing vinyl, it's very hard to do. They sell kits but you're better to let the pros fix it. The guys at "We Can Fix That" came over an...

Torn boat seat upholstery can cause extreme damage to the seat itself if it's not fixed. It's much more affordable to repair a tear than it is to replace the entire seat. Since most marine upholstery is made of vinyl, the repair is simple. Step 1 - Prepare the Area. The vinyl repair kit should come with several components.

Cracked, faded, and stained vinyl seats are unfortunately par for the course when you own a boat or jet ski, and replacing or traditionally restoring these seats can cost hundreds of dollars! Thankfully, Vinyl Coat is available for marine enthusiasts who want to keep their seats looking like new, all year long.

85. Mar 20, 2019. #1. I have a pontoon with a sun deck to lay on, on the end of the cushion it has came apart at the seam but there is no way to remove it and sew it. I was wondering if there is a glue or something on the market that I could put on the part of the seam that has come apart to keep it from ripping the stitches out any more.

Repaired my boat seats with this kit and they turned out great. The instructions aren't the best if you have no idea what you are doing like me. However, a quick Youtube search and found someone using this product to repair their boat seats and I figured it out quick. Must have for anyone with vinyl seats that need to be repaired.

The rear seat & the drivers seat both had seams that ripped out. These boats had great quality upholstery, even by today's standards. The problem was that I bought the boat in 1999, when it was 5 yrs old & only had 59 hrs on it.

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