Should boat prop spin freely?

Emily Gibson asked a question: Should boat prop spin freely?
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No it shouldn't be able to spin freely when it's in gear. When u put it in forward and u turn it u should have to really pull on it to get it to go around.

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As for the prop that is normal as you usually have to put the drive in N to line up the shift pin with the shift rod. if you put it in F and spin the prop to the right it should lock. then try R and spin left it should lock. Then put in N again and it should be free.

Re: Should prop spin in gear. Yes it Is stuck in forward gear. I just went to boat and when I put it in forward the prop doesn't spin by hand. Nor in neutral will the prop spin. I did change my water pump and I'm hoping that I didn't align the shifter rod correctly Or missed it completely. It's a 2003 yamaha 130.

Lockers say that if the prop is spinning, some force is causing it to spin, and that force creates drag, which slows the boat down. Spinners reply that dragging a fixed three-blade prop through the water causes much greater drag, slowing the boat more.

A damaged propeller or spun prop hub mainly delays the boat getting on the plane. When the prop hub becomes spun insider the propeller, the propeller starts spinning freely and will not harmonize with the prop hub. Since the propeller and the prop hub do not coordinate during spins, the prop hub starts slipping, and you will visibly see the struggle to get on your boat on the plane. 2.

Once a hub is spun, there generally remains enough friction to operate at low RPM – sort of a “get home” mode. But, when RPM is increased, the engine revs with little or no boat acceleration because the prop begins to spin. A spun hub feels like a loss of power with excessive RPM. You will likely feel the prop slipping at high RPM.

Yes, you prop should spin without too much effort. Check your motor mounts - and you'll see that you can "adjust" where your engine sits on the mounts. Loosen them, and get the engine to move on the mounts. Now have someone at the prop, and have them turn the prop, while you slide the engine from side to side.

I guess it would depend on what boat/motor/trailer you are talking about. I have witnessed other smaller boats on the highway who's props would spin while being towed...they were usually single axle trailers, that a lot of air could move around through, and hit the prop.

Once the hub spins inside of the propeller, the propeller will spin freely and not along with the hub. A hub can spin inside of a prop due to damage to the hub, damage to the inside diameter of the propeller or incorrect propeller installation.

It shouldn't spin like a top but you should be able to rotate it 360 degrees smoothly with out it having any binding or sticky spots. It's hard to describe the amount of force it should take to spin it but it shouldn't be much.

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