Should i cover my pontoon boat?

Aric Reichel asked a question: Should i cover my pontoon boat?
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Yes, you should cover a pontoon boat. There are several reasons why it's a good idea, whether it's just for the night or for the winter.

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Yes, you should cover a pontoon boat. There are several reasons why it’s a good idea, whether it’s just for the night or for the winter. In this article, we’ll review the goals for and against covering a pontoon boat, when it’s a good idea. So, you’ve got yourself a pontoon boat (or you’re looking at getting one).

A boat cover can prevent your pontoon boat from scratches and dents that can be caused by falling twigs and branches. A cover can also protect your boat from fading, blocking the harsh rays of the sun from your boat’s interior. Keep your pontoon boat bug, pest and bird dropping free.

I have a better cover that is weatherproof that I use for the winter layup. It fits well and I use bungees and the cover pull cord to get it nice and snug over winter. The summer cover is the gray kind with bungee cord in the hem so I just put that over and leave it as is. I don't want the sun roasting my interior.

Since pontoon boats are exposed to the elements continually, a fitted seat cover will do a better job in protection. Any excess room caused by an unfitted cover will just be excess room for more water or air to enter and damage your pontoon seats. This is why it’s important to measure your pontoon seats before you go out looking for seat covers.

A good pontoon boat cover will protect your boat and all of its expensive furniture and accessories from the elements. The best pontoon boat cover will act as an impenetrable fortress around your boat; it’s strong, durable, and is able to dramatically slow down the rate at which your boat experiences wear-and-tear.

The quick answer is Yes… you can definitely tow your pontoon boat (or any boat) with the cover on. However, there are a few things that you need to be aware of in order to do it safely, as well as ensure that your pontoon boat cover doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Day after day, your pontoon boat lives through a series of weather and temperature changes. A cover can hamper the wear and tear caused by outdoor elements that shorten the lifespan of your pontoon. There are various pontoon models and some need a custom cover. In this aspect, you better go over the pontoon covers in this review.

Expert Reply: The Classic Accessories StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover, # CA20027, can be used when transporting your boat, but how it holds up depends on a lot of factors. Things like speed, road and weather conditions all will play a part in how the cover responds to travel. The downfall of a lot of covers is if they are not installed and secured ...

Re: Covering Pontoon at the dock I came up with an idea for my votrex cover. I built a pvc support last week that worked great. But it was thinking about adding a couple inches to the height of the supports (easy fix..cut a small section and add a coupler) That would raise how the cover sits on the boat.

I purchased this cover beginning of 2019 and 1/20/20 I went to see my boat at the marina where I park my boat. To my surprise the cover was all ripped up. It appears that it was damaged by the sun as it was powdery and discolored. I have use other covers in the past and have gotten at least 2 -3 years of service.

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