What can i use to protect my boat seats?

Dave Greenfelder asked a question: What can i use to protect my boat seats?
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The best way to maintain your seats is to wash them with a marine grade vinyl cleaner or a solution of mild dish soap such as Dawn or Ivory, warm water and a soft bristled brush. Then once the seat is thoroughly dry, apply a thin coat of a vinyl protectant to seal the material and build a layer of sun protection.

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After your vinyl boat seats have been thoroughly cleaned, protect them with a product like 303 Aerospace Protectant. Safe and effective for rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces, this product provides superior UV protection to prevent fading and cracking of the vinyl, repels smudges, dust and other stains, and leaves a dry, matte finish with no greasy feel.

There are dozens of different products made specifically for treating and protecting vinyl boat upholstery. These products work by creating a wax-like film on the seats, which both conditions the seats and acts as a barrier of protection against sun damage. Vinyl protectant is applied by spraying a list mist over the seats and gently rubbing it in with a clean washcloth or paper towel. Take your time when applying the vinyl protectant and make sure to cover every square inch of your seats.

When your boat is parked or in storage, you can easily protect your seats by using boat seat covers. These covers not only keep the sun off your seats, they also prevent dust and bird droppings from damaging them. Look for breathable boat seat covers to prevent moisture accumulation that can result in mildew problems.

Use a marine vinyl conditioner and protector a couple of times a year. 3. Utilize boat seat covers when your boat is not in use. 4.

A short demonstration of how to clean & protect vinyl boat seats using v-fix solutions.

Re: What is the best product to protect the Vinyl seats on my boat??? I use the turtle wax Icy vinyl and leather cleaner and conditioner.. It is made for cars but leaves no sticky substance and if there is a stain from dirt water or anything that gets on the seats it whips off with a damp cloth...

If you do choose to use vinegar, you might consider mixing it with water to help preserve and protect your boat’s seats. Vinegar watered down can be a solution for a quick rub down cleaning as well. You should always rinse your seats after they are cleaned with vinegar.

Combine hydrogen peroxide and warm water in either a bucket or a spray bottle. Use the ratio of one part hydrogen peroxide to one part water. Spray the solution onto the vinyl and let it sit for a minute. Scrub it all over the vinyl, on the seats, behind the seats and in the seams. Be sure to use fresh hydrogen peroxide.

Ventilation Is the Best Solution Adequate ventilation through the boat's interior spaces is the ideal solution to prevent moisture buildup, thus preventing the growth of mold and mildew and the associated problems.

Some of the benefits of using a mildew remover on your boat seats are as follows: Your boat seats will remain visually pleasing – this means you don’t have to look at unsightly mildew stains. Using a mildew remover that’s safe for your boat seats will help them look pristine and even brand new.

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