What happens when you marry a ship in azur lane?

Orpha Nitzsche asked a question: What happens when you marry a ship in azur lane?
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Oathing a ship has the following effects: Increase their Affection cap to 200, allowing access to further stat bonuses. Allows the player to rename the married ship. After renaming a ship, players must wait 30 days before that ship can be renamed again.

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When ship morale hits 50 or lower, it will begin to show the face icon on the fleet screen. It is good practice to switch your shipgirls once these face icons start to appear and let them rest. By placing a shipgirl in the second floor, it is possible to check her exact Morale value through the ship selection interface.

In Azur Lane the monitor ships such as Erebus, Terror, and Abercrombie is already humanized but KanColle have yet to personified any of the Monitor ships. Besides the reason stated above, another reason they probably haven’t introduced them is because they will have a different mechanic compared to the other ship classes.

Combat is a core gameplay element of Azur Lane that's required for completing a large number of objectives in the game. In combat, a fleet of the player's choosing is placed in an instanced, side-scrolling shooter and must eliminate all spawned ships (including kamikaze ships, but not planes or Submarines) in order to proceed. Loss of the player's Flagship or entire Escort fleet will result in ...

You can marry a ship girl when you reach a ship girl's highest affection rate before marriage = " Love "When you marry a ship girl, it will consume 1 Oath Ring. After marriage, the affection meter of your married ship girl will increase up to 200. You can also rename your ship girl's name once after marriage. You can rename her again after 30 days have passed since you renamed her. But, is your waifu a pet for you do that though?

Levels for ships are capped at 70 in the JP server, and every limit break increases level limit by 10 (up to 100). In CN, a ship can get to level 100 without any limit breaks. However, the limit break points still occur at the same levels (meaning that to get a ship to max limit break, it has to be level 70 anyways).

Click on the plus sign(s) in the area boxed in red to choose ships you would like to consume for this ship's limit break. Remember: you can use duplicates of this ship or a rarity-matched Bulins as limit break materials. The video on the left can be played to preview some aspects of the ship's post-limit break combat effects. The numbers on the bottom in the boxed area shows how far this ship is to the required level for the next limit break.

Whereas in Azur Lane, after each mission, your ships health will reset to full, so you can do missions until you run out of Oil, I really like this system more, you don’t feel so restricted and its honestly a pain having to repair after every few fights.

Commander, your ship is off course. The webpage is not available or the address is incorrect. Go to the main page.

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