What happens when you upgrade an s-class ship?

Hannah Gutmann asked a question: What happens when you upgrade an s-class ship?
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No man's sky new update - s class upgraded ships .

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The new upgrade system comes as part of this update's Ship Salvage system, which will also let players break down ships they no longer want. These unwanted ships can now be turned into scrap materials, or even augmentations that allow you to increase the inventory of other ships.

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No man's sky ships upgrade guide 2021

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If you spend 50k nanites to upgrade a ship from A to S, you unlock the ability to upgrade the storage and tech slots to 48 and 21, respectively. At A class, it is limited to 40/14 It is also FAR better to buy and scrap A and S class ships for upgrades (that you can sell for nanites) and storage augmentations (used to add inventory or tech slots to your ship) than to buy all of the slots.

It doesn't let you upgrade it further if you try to select upgrade class again. It fails and gives you the message "max class reached". Upgrading class via nanites gives you a static set of stats for each level, based on the ship's seed.

It's pretty much what you'd expect, Changes the class and base stats and inventory capacity (Although won't upgrade your size and will only be potential capacity to add going forward, Either way that's random on how many you'll get up to S)

honestly as long as you have all your modules maxed out, upgrading the ship to S-class provides minimal payoff since you'll be a beast against any NPC ships you encounter. if you're a covetous magpie like myself on the other hand you'll be going after ALL the shiny shinies in the game so really it's mostly a personal choice. #1

In the latest No Man’s Sky update, Synthesis, you’ll be able to upgrade your favorite starship all the way up to S-Class. The new upgrade system comes as part of this update’s Ship Salvage system,...

S-class ships always have the highest available amount of inventory space in a starship, and also include a 50% or higher class bonus, excluding Exotic type ships. Upgrading your ship

Explanation : Upgrading ships at the new station gives them the minimal natural bonus of their class. Once upgraded to S class, every fighter for example will have a flat 15% increase in shield and 55% in combat abilities, which is the minimal settings for this type of ship.

No Man's Sky Companions Gameplay 2021 - Upgrading Ship Class How And What Happens When You Do It is the episode in which you can see what happens when you up...

Once upgraded, a ship cannot be reverted back to its previous state. The only way to revert an upgraded ship is to potentially reclaim your pledge then buy it back. This strips all upgrades on the ship and forcefully returns the original ship with the pledge. For more information, see Pledge Buy Back tool.

How to Upgrade Ships in No Man's Sky. Upgrading a ship is actually a very simple process. Players will first need to acquire upgrades for their ship by buying them at the store or building them. Buying them is as easy as going to a store at a space station or speaking to another pilot to trade with them.

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