What happens when your ship is destroyed in no man's sky?

Korey Stark asked a question: What happens when your ship is destroyed in no man's sky?
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All you have to do is fly back to where you died and you retrieve all of your lost inventory intact, with all enemies gone. It means there is very little penalty for losing space battles.

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If you die you restart and are near your ship ( or in it in space). What you lose is your inventory and have to go to your grave (where you died) to get it back. I dunno if it despawns after...

If you die on planet you go back to your ship and lose everything that was on you. If your ship is destroyed on planet that you can get in an escape pod that is left over and fly to the space station. If you get blown up in space you lose the ship and spawn at the space station.

When I tried to launch, the ship got physically stuck on the hunk of resource-rock. It started shaking and getting torn apart, shields started to fail with imminent kaboom to insue. So I took action and shut down the game. I loaded up and tried to take off, and again, that darn rock would just not let my ship out of its deadly grip!

If you die outside of your ship you lose all inventory in your exosuit. You can reclaim it at your grave marker but if you die before doing so, it's lost forever. You also start back with the basic...

See Starship destruction for rules regarding death and your starship. Items such as the multi-tool, exosuit, jetpack and blueprints are not lost. In Survival mode all resources the player was carrying are lost. If the player dies in space while outside of their starship, such as by falling through an unloaded area, they will not receive any penalties.

If your starship is destroyed in space, don't worry! You will spawn in the nearest space station in your ship. You will lose all the resources stored in your ship's hold, unless you follow the "grave icon" (atlas shaped icon). Once you get there you will be able to collect your resources.

You have a sprint button and a jetpack, and if you die you lose whatever you’re carrying—or even your ship, if it’s destroyed in battle. If that happens, you’d better hope you have enough credits...

If you die on a planet, you’ll jump back to your ship having lost only the items in your suit. If you die in space, you’ll wake up in the nearest space station with nothing to your name.

Being a Good Samaritan and taking out pirate ships is also an option, destroying ships will cause them to drop their cargo – this applies in reverse, you could be a pirate and attack traders, just beware, these ships aren’t always defenceless.

Yes, Sentinels are a pain, spoiling your fun and thwarting your lucrative mining. But destroyed Sentinels are key sources of some very valuable resources. Killing Sentinels allows you to harvest...

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