What is a bosun on a ship?

Arielle Harber asked a question: What is a bosun on a ship?
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  • A bosun is an officer on a ship who is responsible for the rigging, anchors, cables, sails, and other items that are used to keep a ship running smoothly. He or she is considered to be the foreman of the ship's crew, because he or she issues orders to the deck crew.
  • The bosun is also involved, under the purview of the Chief Officer (and eventually the Master), in the planning, scheduling and assigning of work to the deck crew on the ship.

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Bosun is the phonetic spelling of the abbreviations of Boatswain. They report to the First Lieutenant. In the days of sail, they are the crew members responsible for keeping the Hull, Rigging and sails in good repair. Today, they are responsible for all the lines and topside spaces. They stand watch as lookouts and helmsmen. They typically man the ship's boats when they are needed.

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