What is dry dock boat storage?

Dina Toy asked a question: What is dry dock boat storage?
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What is Dry Boat Storage? Dry boat storage is any boat storage that is out of water. While wet slip storage has a convenience factor, dry boat storage has a cosmetic upside. Keeping your boat out of the water will help keep the exterior clean. It also reduces the chance of mildew and other water induced inconveniences.

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High and dry storage means that your boat is stored indoors up on a rack with other boats. The facility will utilize forklifts to lift and lower boats in the storage area. Storing your boat in an indoor environment is the best possible setting for your boat. High and dry storage, however, does come with a few drawbacks.

Dry dock storage, however, offers better protection for the boat, and can help extend the life of the boat. There are many benefits to dry dock storage over wet storage. Wet storage can leave a boat exposed to the elements. The boat can suffer from water damage, which can affect the paint, machinery, and the upholstery of your boat.

Dry Dock. This boat dockage method removes your boat from an aquatic environment. By dry docking your boat, you hire a dock owner to store the vessel on a shelf. Similarly to a parking lot, there will be many spaces for boats in these vertical units, and you will be renting one or a few of them.

Dry Dock Storage is a secure storage facility for your boat, RV, trailers, or other equipment. We offer several sizes of units with either gravel or concrete floors. All are fully enclosed, adding an extra layer of security for your property.

Our huge dry dock storage facility (105,000 sq ft) can accommodate boats up to 40 feet long, even those tall center console vessels. The facility is outfitted with a state-of-the-art security system to keep your vessel safe and secure while off the water.

Dry storage for boats is generally considered to be any sort of storage where the boat isn’t kept in a wet-slip, in the water.

Dry Stack – a large structure designed to stack boats on top of one another to optimise storage space. Storing Your Boat: Mooring Mooring a boat is often the most economical way to store a large boat on a long-term basis. You can obtain a Moorings licenses from Maritime.

Dry stack storage keeps your boat walled and out of the water, cutting down the speed of deterioration due to exposure to the elements of wind and salt water. For Northern boaters, heated dry stack facility will protect your boat from the elements of cold.

Dry dock storage for dinghies, stand-up paddleboards, rowing shells and kayaks.

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