What is marine mechanic training?

Brandon Osinski asked a question: What is marine mechanic training?
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The Marine Technician Specialist program is perfect for those who love the water and want to pursue a career in the marine industry. Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience, students will learn everything from inboard gas and diesel to outboard 4-stroke and 2-stroke motors.

Training can include fuel, lubrication, and electrical systems, transmissions, propulsion technology, diesel technology, brand-specific components, and more. The skills that students develop range from the basics, like replacing spark plugs, to the more complex, like performing an engine overhaul.

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A marine technician, or marine mechanic, is someone who services and repairs motors on boats and other aquatic equipment. You could consider them a boat doctor, they are the people who make sure all of the intricate parts of sea machines are running smoothly. Some of the boats that you may work on as a marine technician are fishing boats, yachts, ...

MARINE TECHNICIAN TRAINING. MMI combines everything you need to complete your career training, from basic engine theory to the more technical aspects of marine product service, rebuilding, troubleshooting and repair. MMI is dedicated to providing you with the foundation to increase your knowledge, skills and experience working with marine technology.

Marine mechanics are experts in the maintenance and repair of the important systems that keep boats running. Whether it’s a stuck fuel rack or an overheating problem, marine mechanics have the ability to figure out what the problem is, how to solve it and execute the repair.

Marine mechanics, often called motorboat mechanics, can restore electrical and motorized equipment on boat engines. The education required to become a marine mechanic typically includes either the...

The Marine Industry Training and Education Council offers a catalog of institutions that feature programs or courses dealing with technical aspects of the marine industry. Due to the necessity for significant hands-on training, online programs and courses in boat and marine mechanics are rare.

A Marine Mechanic will work on inboard and outboard boat engines and equipment. The duties will involve diagnosis of problems, repair and servicing engines and engine components, cooling and petrol fuel systems and clutch assemblies.

Most marine mechanics get their training through on-the-job apprenticeships. Keep in mind, even though you may be highly trained through an apprenticeship, you still may want to get some college education, especially if the person you’re training under has no intentions to keep you on as a hire. College courses = better job options.

Marine Mechanic Certification If you are interested in becoming a marine mechanic, certification is the best route. While some mechanics find employment without experience and learn through on-the-job training, most employers prefer candidates with a marine mechanic certification.

Program coursework provides training for technicians who want to work on marine propulsions systems as well as the engines found in industrial equipment. Students also develop skills in the...

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