What is the best class of ship in no man's sky?

Megane Willms asked a question: What is the best class of ship in no man's sky?
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Shuttle - A great all-rounder, with adequate combat and warp capabilities. Generally high storage, a great choice for players who are yet to get a Freighter. Transport - High inventory space for the transport of resources. Great for those looking at buying and selling commodities in No Man's Sky.

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How to Find the Best S Class Hauler | No Man's Sky Synthesis 2020. The Marvel of the Itakan is the best of the best, being an S-Class (I believe every ship I write about in this article is an S-Class, all except for the freighter - but you can get an S-Class freighter if you’re lucky). It has the highest stats for its type and the most capacity.

Class A: These will sport either the maximum inventory space or one less than the max and will have a 35% class bonus. Class S: This class of ship may not have the maximum inventory space, but they will all be pretty close to the max. Class S also will have a 50% or more boost to the vehicle class bonus.

Well it depends on the stage of the game I am in. Early on I like to grab a shuttle because you can get 28 slots for dirt cheap. The best ship probably for exploring is the exotic S class ships. If you want to make a lot of money a hauler and trading from system to system.

Class is the game’s method of ranking starships, multitools, freighters and upgrades. 1 Summary 2 Unit Value 3 Slot Count 4 Spawn Chance All multi-tools and starships have a class, which decides the number of slots and the bonus multiplier they get (C being the worst and S being the best).

B-Class: Can have up to three fewer slots than the maximum for the ship type. 20% or more class bonus. A-Class: Can have up to one fewer slots than the maximum for the ship type. 35% or more class bonus. S-Class: Always has highest number of inventory slots for its tier. 50% or more class bonus.

I choose fighter as a main because you can get attacked at any time but its also a good option to get a hauler as a secondary for inventory space. If you're worried about hyperdrive distance my fighter goes nearly 400 ly.

Squid-style ships are some of the most visually interesting designs in No Man's Sky. This ship is very rare, with only a 2% chance of spawning within the Odalvi XVIII system within the Euclid galaxy.

Regardless of specific archetype and visual model, ships spawning as S-class grade nearly always have largest class bonuses and inventory size in the game for their particular design. They're somewhat more likely to spawn in wealthier systems, and proportionally less likely in poorer systems.

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