What is the largest marine mammals?

Janessa Stark asked a question: What is the largest marine mammals?
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⚓ What are marine mammals?

Marine mammals are mammals that live in the marine water. It is not a biological group but an ecological group,It is based on marine habitat .The two properties of a marine mammal are:

  1. Reliance on marine environments, and
  2. Being a mammal.

⚓ What do marine mammals drink?

Marine mammals can also produce non-salty water on their own from the metabolic breakdown of food, says Kenney, as "water is one of the by-products of carbohydrate and fat metabolism."

⚓ What two groups of marine mammals are the largest in antarctic waters?

Whales and seals are the largest marine mammals in the Southern Ocean.

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Blue whales .

Whales are the largest animals on Earth and live longer than all other mammals in the contemporary animal kingdom. While many ocean lovers can easily identify the iconic sperm whale, the charismatic humpback and the wily orca, not all are familiar with the bowhead.

The blue whale is the largest known animal ever, the largest population encountered in Antarctica. Krill is the favourite food and can eat up to 40 million krill a day, sometimes eating up to 3,600 kg of krill per day. There are close to

Biggest Whale: Blue Whale (200 Tons) The Blue Whale, the world's biggest whale.

The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) has been the world's largest animal to have ever existed. They dominate marine life in almost every corner of the planet due to being 30 meters (almost 100 feet) in length and weighing more than 170 tons.

The largest living animal in the world is the Blue Whale. The species is about 98 ft long and weighs approximately 173 metric tons. It is a marine mammal which belongs to the baleen whale parvorder. The biggest living land animal is the African elephant, although numerous extinct mammals were believed to be bigger like the Paraceratherium.

Marine mammals are classified into four different taxonomic groups: cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and walruses), sirenians (manatees and dugongs), and marine fissipeds (polar bears

The blue whale is the current all-time champion of size. It beats all other beasts of the land, oceans and skies to take the top spot for the largest mammal, and animal. For marine mammals, the blue whale sets the upper limit.

More species are still being identified and classified. The cetaceans occupy all oceans in the world and many large rivers. The smallest marine mammal in this family is the hector’s dolphin, while the blue whale is the largest. During the prehistoric period, it is believed ancestors of the whales lived on land.

Among animals, the largest species are all marine mammals, specifically whales. The blue whale is believed to be the largest animal to have ever lived. The largest land animal classification is also dominated by mammals , with the African bush elephant being the largest of these.

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How do aquariums treat marine mammals?

While the aquarium industry claims that it exists purely for education and conservation, what aquariums really teach is that it is acceptable to keep animals in captivity, bored, cramped, lonely, far from their natural homes, and at the mercy of people. Marine mammal conservation is achieved through the abolition of whaling, the cleanup of our oceans, the end of driftnet fishing, and a prohibition on live captures—not through forcing whales and dolphins to swim in endless circles for our ...

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What are jobs that work with marine mammals?

Marine biologist, vet

Are manatees fish or a marine mammals?

marine mammals or course

Where do marine fish and mammals live?

the ocean

What is the structure of a marine mammals heart?

Marine mammals, like all other mammals, have a four-chambered heart with a complete divide. The right atrium receives deoxygenated blood from the veins and pumps it into the right ventricle. The right ventricle pumps it into the pulmonary artery, which delivers it to the lungs, where it is oxygenated. The blood then goes to the the left atrium, which pumps it into the left ventricle. The left ventricle pumps the blood into the aorta, which distributes the blood into smaller arteries all over the body.

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How do marine mammals control their salt intake?

They're quite salty and high in protein which means they create lots of urea. To process that salt and urea nitrogen does take a lot of water, So they do drink lots of water and one of the keys, really it comes down to their kidneys.

What is florida's largest marine park?

Lolo park in the keys

What is the largest marine mammal?

The blue whale

What is the largest marine park?

Greenpeace are trying to make Chagos the largest marine park.

What is the largest antarctic marine mammal?

I think its the Polar bear. It is the largest land animal and carnivore but sometimes we regard it is a marine mammal because it spends many months of the year at sea. The Polar bear is an arctic mammal, not antarctic, they do not live in antarctica. The biggest antarctic marine mammal that i can think of is the Elephant seal.

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If this question is asking what is that largest Marine Corps base "area wise" it is the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms located north of Twentynine Palms and Palm Springs, California.

Do anti cruelty laws affecting animal care cover marine mammals?

Marine animals are protected in their handling, transport, and care which is the animal welfare act basically.

What do sea mammals drink?

Although some marine mammals are known to drink seawater at least on occasion, it is not well established that they routinely do so. They have other options: sea-dwelling mammals can get water ...

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The address of the Marine Mammals Of Maine is: 3 Indian Ridge Drive, Biddeford, ME 04005-9366

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this animal is the bigest marine animal and the bigest of them all ... THE BLUE WHALE!!!! <no it is the megalodon

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  • The Cook Islands is now the largest multi-use marine park in the world. Marae Moana – spanning a total ocean area of nearly two million square kilometres – became a reality on Tuesday 11th of July 2017. What is Marae Moana?
How big are the largest marine animals?

McClain’s team found that the true length of a giant squid is right around 12 meters (39.4 feet). A human is included in each column for size comparison. Click to view the image larger. Image...

Where is the largest us marine sactuary?

in the middle of the pacific

Where is the world's largest marine sanctuary?

Hawaiian Islands, Pacific Ocean

How do some marine mammals use sound in water to their advantage?

they use it by listening

What do you need to study if you want to rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals?

Marine biology