What is the recommended maintenance for an inboard boat?

Audreanne Mante asked a question: What is the recommended maintenance for an inboard boat?
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Most inboard boats will require regular oil changes. Consult your user manual to find out how regular oil changes should be, but a decent guideline to follow would be to do so every 100 hours of engine usage.

  • The following is recommended maintenance for a inboard boat : Include checking the gearbox oil level in your pre-start engine checks. Check the engine oil level every 3 - 4 hours while the engine is running. If the marine engine is not used regularly change the oil more frequently than recommended.

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Every machine needs maintenance for smooth functioning and to perform at its full potential for a longer time. Similarly, an inboard boat requires a replacement of declined engine and hull zincs on corrosion. Apart from this, there are also other essential repairs that you must do to help your inboard boat perform better.

c) Washing the Boat. Giving your inboard boat a regular wash is probably one of the easiest things to do for its maintenance. This hardly requires any technical know-how. There are various cleaning products available in the market to make the job easier for you. Remember to wash your boat with fresh water after every ride.

Changing the oil in your inboard boat is not only for the sake of winterization. It should be done regularly, like every 100 hours to keep the engine system in good shape. You may also refer to your user manual for the suggested frequency of changing oil. Oil replacement is generally easy. but if you need guidance to do it, you can check the manual.

General maintenance recommended for your boat include replacing hull and engine zincs if they are corroded or deteriorating. It is also important that you change the oil every few months.

If you have an outboard motor, flush your motor using the above engine maintenance tips. If you have an inboard boat engine, you can easily flush the motor by taking these steps and using an inboard motor flusher: Hook up a hose up to the motor flusher. Place the flusher over the water intake hole. Turn on the engine.

One important task, however, is flushing your engine after boating in saltwater. See Outboard Engine Care and follow your engine manufacturer’s recommendations, to get the low-down on how it’s done (inboard boat motor maintenance is a bit different, but some stern-drive boats have similar flushing requirements).

Check power steering and power trim oil levels. Follow Manufacturer's maintenance schedule or use factory-authorized mechanic. Additional Preventative Maintenance. Inspect all control cables especially the steering and throttle cables. Check rods, connection parts and outer jackets by working the wheel or throttles back and forth.

Most outboard, sterndrive and gasoline inboard engines require basic service every 100 hours or annually. This basic service will include an oil-and-filter change (for four-stroke engines), changing the gearcase lubricant in outboard and sterndrive engines, changing the fuel filter element, and perhaps installing fresh spark plugs.

Step-by-step videos to help you maintain your MerCruiser 4.5L or 6.2L sterndrive or inboard. MerCathode system. Bravo drive - single point drain. Maintenance schedule. Changing engine oil. Changing gear lube. Freshwater flush. Alpha drive - water drain. play video.

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