What is the term that means to sink a ship?

Willie Daniel asked a question: What is the term that means to sink a ship?
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⚓ What causes ship to sink?

Vessels can sink due to a few main reasons- wind and other forces forcing the ship to lean at dangerous angles to the port or starboard sides, waves on the deck adding weight to the vessel and forcing it lower into the water, or waves crashing into the side of the vessel and causing flooding.

⚓ What term means on or near the sea?


⚓ What caused the ship to sink?

More clues are emerging about what might have caused the Sewol-ho ferry to sink.Kim Min-ji reports on three possible scenarios that occurred one-by-one.Aroun...

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To purposely sink a ship is to 'scuttle' the ship.

synonyms for sinking ship. Compare Synonyms. bankruptcy. breakdown. deterioration. implosion. inadequacy. rupture. abortion.

If an organization or cause is a sinking ship, it is failing and unlikely to recover. Insiders regard the company as a sinking ship. Note: You can also say that someone abandons, deserts or leaves a sinking ship, to mean that they leave an organization or activity which is about to fail. I know some people will say that I am leaving a sinking ship.

What is another word for sinking ship? sinking ship. Contexts. A cause which has no hope. The state of being insolvent. Noun. . A cause which has no hope. lost cause.

Definition of loose lips sink ships in the Idioms Dictionary. loose lips sink ships phrase. What does loose lips sink ships expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

be ships that pass in the night. Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship. break ship. desert a sinking ship. deserting/leaving a sinking ship. do not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar. don't give up the ship. dress ship. enough (something) to sink a (battle)ship.

Jetsam - Debris ejected from a ship that sinks or washes ashore. See also flotsam . See also flotsam . Jibe or Gybe - Turning the boat so that the stern crosses the wind, changing direction.

Flotsam is a legal term that refers to wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water. It's often used in conjunction with jetsam, another word from maritime law that refers to goods cast overboard deliberately which sink or wash ashore.

A term used by the British East India Company from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century for a merchant ship owned by local owners east of the Cape of Good Hope which traded within that area and gathered cargoes for shipment west of the Cape to England (later the United Kingdom) by the company's "chartered ships" (q.v.),"extra ships" (q.v ...

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Can a tank sink a ship?

Can a tank sink a ship? A modern tank like Germany’s Leopard 2A5 is fully capable of sinking any modern warship, including a United States supercarrier. What does it mean to scuttle a ship in Sea of thieves? “Scuttle Ship” is another option for Sea of Thieves players if they’re dealing with another ship that won’t leave them alone.

How do you make a ship sink in ship simulator?

just crash into something and the ship that you are driving will sink but if you are using and arie vessier,a pilot boat or the hovercraft boat

What carries no weight but can sink a ship?

a hole.

What is a ship that housed convicts?

The ships which housed convicts in England during the 1700s were called hulks.

What is adevice that steer a ship?

A ship's wheel or boat's wheel is a device used aboard a water vessel to steer that vessel and control its course. It is connected to a mechanical, electric servo, or hydraulic system which alters the vertical angle of the vessel's rudder relative to its hull.

Can a whale sink a cruise ship?

In fact, if seeing wildlife while aboard a cruise ship is something you fancy, an Alaska cruise gives you the best chance. Also know, what are the chances of a cruise ship sinking? The odds of dying on a cruise ship are roughly 1 in 6.25 million. How many ships have been sunk by whales? A Real Life White Whale that Destroyed Over 20 Whaling Ships and Survived Encounters

Could rogue waves sink a cruise ship?
  • Or if you are one of a few crazy surfers who travel the world seeking the ultimate wave, you could always strap in and hope for the best. The new book uncovers the phenomenon of "rogue waves", which can peak at well over 30 metres, and are said to sink large ships, smash oil rigs and, like shown in a recent video, cause havoc to luxury cruisers.
How do you sink a cruise ship?

Stay in the private dining room with a good looking blonde while the ship runs aground... (see Costa Concordia)

How many things can sink a ship?

Heavy items on the ship, a bomb, also when the flag on the ship is not standing up right that also can sink the ship.

Is it illegal to sink a ship?

Just for your information, intentionally sinking a boat is called Scuttling. It is definitely illegal without all kinds of preapproval.

When did the ship 'the wanderer' sink?

ship don't sink in the sea because it has larger area and due to which it has greater drag force and don't sink. or if there is air at the base of ship, it not gonna sink

Why ship does not sink on sea?

A ship is designed so that the hull encloses a large amount of air. So, even if the hull is built from a very dense material, the average density of the ship includes that of the air that it contains, and is therefore less than the density of water. That is why a ship does not sink at sea. +++ More succinctly, a buoyant body is so because it weighs less than the water it displaces.

Why would russia sink their own ship?

Strategic scuttling is nothing new to the Crimea. In 1854, Russian sailors sank their own ships to block access to the entrance of Sevastopol Bay to the alliance of British, French, and Ottomans...

What is the term for men who work on a ship?

People, men and women, who work on ships are usually called, "Sailors".

Stores that ship to #belize?

Learn more about how you can get your own USA shipping address that you can use to shop on your favorite USA websites stores, and then consolidate and package forward all your items internationally to Belize. Learn more about what items are prohibited / restricted to ship to Belize, what shipping carriers you can use to ship to Belize, and the different international shipping rates to get ...

What does it take to sink a somali pirate ship?

Somali pirates use speedboats to catch up with ships, and then spray them with bullets. Sometimes they’ll lob a few RPGs at the ship to scare the crew more. Most merchant ships don’t have any weapons on board, for a variety of reasons. They’re dangerous (obviously), and most crew aren’t trained to use them.

What rhymes with cast that means belonging to a sailboat?


What is a ship that carries cargo called?

A freighter.barger

What ship of magellan that reach the philippines?

The Ships of Magellan. Did you know? The ships of Magellan that reached the Philippines 500 years ago were not galleons but naos or carracks. The Magellan-Elcano Expedition did not use the famous Galleon ship but instead used the smaller ‘Nao’ or ‘Carrack’. These ships are smaller than galleons and better designed as merchant ships for the Mediterranean and Atlantic rather than the Pacific.

What is a compound word that means a boat that transports cars and people?


Can a blue whale sink a cruise ship?

To give you a comparison in size, a blue whale averages at 25 metres in length, and a battleship 270 metres. A pretty small fishing boat, it could probably damage, or cause to sink if it leapt out the water, and landed on it, but a battleship, ferry, or cruise liner can omit whales from their list of sinking hazards.