What is the world yacht?

Arne Hermann asked a question: What is the world yacht?
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  • MS The World is a residential cruise ship. Unlike other cruise ships, which operate like a resort, it is operated like a condominium complex, with large cabins that can be purchased. The residents, from about 19 countries, live on board as the ship travels.
  • The World is registered in The Bahamas and has a gross tonnage of 43,188. It is 196.35 metres (644 ft 2 in) long, 29.8 metres (98 ft) wide, and has a 6.7-metre (22 ft) draft, 12 decks, and a maximum speed of 18.5 knots (34.3 km/h; 21.3 mph). The crew numbers approximately 280.
  • At present, The World, which measures 643 feet, is the largest private residential yacht on the globe, with a combination of studios as well as one to three-bedroom apartments on board.
  • The World ® A private yacht and luxury vacation residence in one. The largest private residential ship on the planet, The World is home to only 165 Residences.
  • The World is a multi-deck motor yacht which offers 165 luxury residences with an ever-changing view and high-end service. Amenities on board including six different restaurants, sport and fitness facilities, swimming pools, a library and a cinema.

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