What kind of job can you get on a ship?



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  • We’ve divided all of these sea jobs vacancies that we feature on the site into several categories like cargo ship jobs, oil tanker jobs, offshore marine jobs, Cruise ship jobs. You can find sea jobs vacancies of any type by choosing a specific category from the menu above.
  • Barge Engineer, Chief Engineer, Deck Engineer, Deckhand, Engineer, Equipment Operating Engineer, Ferry Engineer, Fire Boat Engineer, Fire Department Marine Engineer, Harbor Engineer

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This department includes hosts and hostesses, cruise directors and staff, disc jockeys, performers, swimming instructors, and shore excursion staff. These positions are considered the most glamorous on the ship, and are probably the most sought-after jobs in the cruise industry.

We talked to a dancer, a pianist and vocalist, a fitness instructor and spa manager, a wig designer and stylist, a groups and event manager, an English hostess, someone who worked with the kids'...

In general, mechanics should have a strong mechanical aptitude, good hand-eye coordination, and be interested in performing tasks that include troubleshooting. Cruise ship mechanics are often at...

Their job’s nature is the same as those you see in cities except that they work on a ship. Beauty therapists, fitness instructors, hairstylists, manicurists, massage therapists, physicians, and nurses are under this category. See our article on cruise ship nurse salary if you are interested in becoming a cruise ship nurse. 2.

2. Hospitality. This considerably broad category of cruise ship jobs can be divided into two parts: hotel services and food services. The former includes everyone from hotel directors and room ...

On board a vessel like a cruise ship, trawler, oil tanker, or merchant liner, or commercial ship, there are various engineer jobs, one of the lower level being the Third Engineer or the Fourth Engineer. This is the entry level position, and you will be designated the lower jobs on board the vessel.

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