What kind of tires do iboats boating trailers have?

Maximilian Hirthe asked a question: What kind of tires do iboats boating trailers have?
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  • The rims and tires pictured are brand new, the ones that comes with the trailer was changed cause its walls looks very damage but the tire looks great with normal wear. Im almost sure that this was from original equipment. Re: Tire wear inside BADLY!!!!! Re: Tire wear inside BADLY!!!!!

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Previously we mentioned both bias and radial boat trailer tires. The Kenda bias trailer tire is labeled Loadstar and our radial trailer tire is labeled the Karrier. While both carry the ST (Special Trailer) designation they are different in construction and suggested usage.

The wholesale cost on most trailer rims are, about nothing really. $25 or less, and a shop will probably discount if you buy a new tire and rim combo, + a good shop will use freylube on the beads which is a corrosion inhibitor. 1. 2.

Back in Nov 2019 I replaced the tires on four of my trailers, boat and otherwise. All were dryrotted pretty bad and losing air. I searched all over for American made tires but they apparently don't exist anymore. For the smallest trailer, which takes ST4.80x8 6 ply tires, I bought Duro tires as the Carlisle tires I had on it didn't last two years before one exploded in the yard.

The main job of boat trailer parts are to tow or store your boat but you can also use it to launch and retrieve your boat from the water. Boat trailers are made up of several different components. They all have different jobs that when working properly and together make for a smooth nautical adventure. From the bigger couplers, tongues, and jacks to the trailer lights and safety chains, all boat trailer parts need to be maintained to safely operate your trailer.

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Galvanized and Bolt on Components are more common and relative on Boat Trailers typically in a Saltwater Environment. We also have weld-on suspension components which are perfectly adequate for Boat Trailers in freshwater environments. Of Course a little cross-over is not uncommon.

Load Index — Make sure your trailer tires are rated to carry the load of your fully loaded boat and trailer. Look at the tire’s Load Index, the last set of numbers following the tire’s size description. This number indicates the maximum weight a tire can support.

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