What length yacht can i truck?

Bernie Conn asked a question: What length yacht can i truck?
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How big of a boat do you need to haul a boat?

  • There are hotshots that are equipped to haul many types of boats, often for dealers, from factory to dealership. Most of these are boats that can be easily loaded on a flatbed trailer, perhaps using a purpose-built cradle, and usually do not exceed 10 feet in width (oversize permits will be required).
  • This will determine if you can transport it and if so, if you need an escort or some other safety measures. The usual maximum length is around 50 foot or 15 meter; some boat movers can go up to 60 foot or 18 meter. With length I mean length overall.

Boats may also be transported on a straight truck towing a trailer subject to a 19.81 m (65-foot) minimum overall length limit (Figure 8).

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