What makes boats so expensive?

Scottie Kassulke asked a question: What makes boats so expensive?
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The cost of actually building a boat is ultimately the main reason for their high price tags. Unlike cars, whose manufacturing process is now almost wholly automated, boats have to be built mostly by hand. Vast shipyards are required, where often just a handful of boats can be built over the course of several months.

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Boats Require Special Materials Aluminum:. Sure, aluminum can be cheap, but boat-building aluminum isn’t, and you wouldn’t want it to be. A durable... Wood:. Wood can also be cheap to buy, but not the wood that is used to build boats. Boatbuilders typically use high-end... Fiberglass:. Fiberglass ...

Why Are Boats So Expensive? Supply and Demand. The comparison with cars often arises when discussing why boats are so expensive. Even a top of the... Manufacturing Costs. The cost of actually building a boat is ultimately the main reason for their high price tags. Power. Second, the manufacturing ...

The top ten reasons boats are expensive to buy and keep are brand, demand, design, fuel, accessories, insurance and registration, labor and maintenance, materials, mooring and storage, and training. When considering purchasing a boat, be sure to check for state laws regarding taxes, licensing, and other requirements.

Boats are expensive compared to cars for several reasons. One reason is low production volume. The most popular ski and wake boats sell in volumes of a few hundred per year while Ford sold 900,000 F150’s last year. Because of this, every boat part has higher production costs. MasterCraft and Malibu are the two largest manufacturers in ski and wake boats. Combined they sell around 8,000 boats world wide per year.

Relatively speaking, the motor of any boat will account for approximately 1/3 of the entire boat price and as consumers demand more horsepower while still maintaining their clean waterways, the base price of boats will continue to increase. The X-Factor. So finally, we’re at what we internally call the X-factor.

This allows for nimble maneuverability on the lakes, rivers, and streams where bass fish are found. This can increase the price of the boat. In this article, we aim to bring you up to speed on why people make this investment in the first place, why bass boats do have such an inflated price tag:

Why Are Drift Boats So Expensive? Manufacturing costs. One of the main reasons for drift boats being so expensive is down to the costs of manufacturing... Types of drift boat materials and their prices. Another key factor that makes drift boats so expensive is due to the... Accessories for your ...

One way to make a less expensive wakeboard boat is to remove some of the electronic components. These boats achieve their low price tag, in part, by using manual versions of some of the automatic or electronic version found on a more expensive boat. For instance, instead of having a power-folding tower, the value models have manual folding towers.

Lund is a quality hull and the Verado line from Mercury is their most expensive outboard model. Half of the $$$ is hanging on the back and painted black. Boat mfg's don't produce millions of vehicles a year so their cost per unit is a lot more. Boats are also a luxury item.

NEW boats are expensive, but used boats seem to be very reasonable. I checked out my local internet ad site and found more than a few nice rigs for under $8K. Most of those boats won't depreciate much more over a 4 year period, meaning you could get most of your money back on a resale later on.

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