What process did the military use to get ships made and transported to europe safely?

Golden Hauck asked a question: What process did the military use to get ships made and transported to europe safely?
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⚓ Discuss the process the military used in getting ships made and transported over to europe safely during world war 1?

The process the military used in getting ships made and transported over to Europe safely during World War I

⚓ Are naval ships military ships?

Yes, naval ships are military ship but military ships are used by the navy.

⚓ Are navy ships military ships?

yes but they are used by the navy

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They primarily used German ships. The ships did not have any special markings on them and they were transported during the night.

The process the military used in getting ships made and transported over to Europe safely during World War I

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what process did the military use in order to get ships over to Europe safely? convoy system - troop ships were surrounded by battleships as they made their way to other territories how would you describe the way the United States and Germany fought?

what process did the military use to get the ships to Europe safely? convoy system, travel in groups that are surrounded by protection explain the battles the US fought against germany and the outcomes

Troops and Cargo Transported During World War II under U.S. Army Control. In February 1942, all merchant ships were requisitioned by the U.S. government. Commercial shippping ceased, and the War Shipping Administration made all decisions regarding cargo and destinations. Merchant ships carried ammunition, airplanes, ...

The war fostered influenza in the crowded conditions of military camps in the United States and in the trenches of the Western Front in Europe. The virus traveled with military personnel from camp to camp and across the Atlantic, and at the height of the American military involvement in the war, September through November 1918, influenza and pneumonia sickened 20% to 40% of U.S. Army and Navy personnel.

In December of that year, a Shipping Controller, and the Ministry of Shipping under his executive direction, possessed the power to assign ships to any route deemed necessary for national interests. The effective result was that a Liner Requisition Committee working within the Ministry of Shipping increasingly diverted global British shipping to concentrate on the decisive North Atlantic traffic.

Marine forces should only be used for amphibious operations (which means attacking from sea-bases, viz. naval amphibious warships by using both water landing craft and/ or ship-based aircraft, and can include air-landing hundreds of miles inland, if need be, not just going ashore through the surf line as many misunderstand—Marines do not need to get their feet wet to perform “amphibious” landings), and for expeditionary operations (meaning relatively short—get in, kill or capture the ...

By the end of the war US factories had produced 300,000 planes, and by 1944 had produced two-thirds of the Allied military equipment used in the war [citation needed] — bringing military forces into play in North and South America, the Caribbean, the Atlantic, Western Europe and the Pacific. The U.S. produced vast quantities of military equipment into late 1945, including nuclear weapons, and became the strongest, most technologically advanced military forces in the world.

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What is a group of military ships called?

What is a group of military ships called? A squadron, or naval squadron, is a significant group of warships which is nonetheless considered too small to be designated a fleet. A squadron is typically a part of a fleet. What do you call a group of ships traveling together? convoy. noun. a group of vehicles or ships travelling together, often with other vehicles or ships providing protection for ...

Do they repair military ships in pittsburgh?

The 37 million tons* of cargo the Port of Pittsburgh ships and receives each year provides a significant annual benefit to the region (estimated at $2.5 billion). The primary cargo in the Port of Pittsburgh is coal but millions of tons of raw products including sand, gravel and iron ore; manufactured goods; petroleum and petroleum products as well as chemicals and related products traverse our waterways.

How do military ships defend against torpedoes?

Warships are a different case as they do have defence against torpedoes, usually by finding the attacker first and neutralising him before the torpedo can be launched. This is termed “Anti Submarine Warfare”, a major part of any modern navy.

What were viking ships made of?

Viking ships like others of the time were made from wood.

What where viking ships made of?

300 oak planks.

How do modern ships navigate safely at sea?

This will allow any nearby ships to quickly alter their route (using ECDIS to stay safe) and offer any necessary assistance and aide to the affected ship. Most modern navigation relies primarily on positions determined electronically by receivers collecting information from satellites.

How are ships made?

How are ships they made ? Archimedes gave us the answer about 2,250 years ago and this answer was simple – the lifting force of water. The stone sinks because its density is greater than that of water.

Who made cargo ships?

Cpt. rolando ormas

What military need led to the production of liberty ships?

Liberty ships were built during World War II. These ships allowed for the ability to get war materials to United States soldiers stationed in the Soviet Union and Britain. These ships could be built quickly for this purpose.

What made germany attack america's ships during the war in europe during world war 1?

The Germans believed the ships were carrying war supplies to the Allies.

Do they repair military ships in pittsburgh today?

Locks and Dams. From the days of wooden wicket dams to today's modern technology, improving and maintaining the navigability of our nation's waterways has been a priority for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Pittsburgh District operates 23 locks & dams on the Allegheny, Monongahela & Ohio Rivers. Allegheny River. Monongahela River.

What metal are navy ships made of?

Cargo ships have been built entirely of high-tensile steel, with a considerable saving in steel weight.

What where viking long ships made of?

Wood and pitch

Why are model ships made?

Model ships are made to test buoyancy and to scale out the ship. If the model doesn't work, the ship might not work.

What made caravels excellent ships for ocean voyages?

Caravels were fast, easy to handle on the high seas. maneuverable in battle, and seaworthy.

What were world war 2 ships made of?

USN ships of WWII were built of steel; USN PT Boats were built of WOOD. USN ships of WWII also fought in the Vietnam War; USN Swift Boats during the Vietnam War were built of ALUMINUM.

Are navy ships made of steel?

Steel from the mill is used to make U.S. Navy ships, including the latest aircraft carrier. Steelmaking operation at ArcelorMittal's Burns Harbor. The World Steel Association found ArcelorMittal was the world's leading steelmaker and the United States was fourth internationally in steel production.

Why aren't ships made of plastic?

Why aren’t ships made of plastic? The central issue with plastics is the lack of sufficient strength. The same problem arises with wood, although the scale of the problem is different. Ships today require substantial strength to be constructed over 1,200’ long, with drafts exceeding 75’.

Are navy ships unsinkable barring some type of military activity?

Navy and Coast Guard ships are made to military standards, far greater strength and safety factors than commercial ships, to deal with extreme environmental factors as well as handle damage from risky operations. I would also venture to say discipline and maintenance are better than in some lax commercial shipping companies. 196 views

Do non military engineers stay on ships to repair engines?

Stands engine room or fireroom watch under regular watch engineer on larger ships. Unlicensed Qualified Members of the Crew Deck Enginee r -- Keeps in repair all deck machinery, such as cargo winches, anchor windlass, etc. Works day work.