What size trailer do i need for a 28 foot boat?

Prince Zieme asked a question: What size trailer do i need for a 28 foot boat?
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Triple-axle trailer – 4,800 lbs to 6,000 lbs.

This usually equates to a 28 – 34 foot pontoon boat.

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Boat Trailer Outlet makes every effort to properly fit our trailers to your boat. We guarantee the trailer you purchase will be a proper fit based on you following our guidelines for loading and setup. Trailers will require some adjustments in most cases. This is easily accomplished with hand tools at a boat ramp. Remember we are always here to help at 888 278-1991. After 30 years, we have thousands of happy customers.

A trailer adds to a boat’s versatility by making it more mobile. Size Matters. Trailers are classified by length and weight. The length is easy to figure out. Use a tape measure or contact the boat manufacturer. The weight includes more than just the boat – remember to add in the engine, weight of fuel, water and gear. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is the maximum weight the trailer is rated to carry. For safety, add 15 percent extra weight. Tongue weight refers to how heavy the ...

8600 102 27'‐28' 84 93 97.5 9200 102 28'‐30' 84 93 97.5 10,800 102 29'‐31'' 84 93 97.5 TYPICAL BOAT TRAILER SPECIFICATIONS / EST. Triple Axle Bunk Single Axle Bunk Tandem Axle Bunk Single Axle Bunk. 1200 62 6' ‐10' 50 56 59 2000 102 6' ‐10' 84 93 97.5 1550 78 15'‐16' 60 69 73.5 1850 84 16'‐17' 67 75.5 79.75 2050 84 16'‐17' 67 75.5 79.75 2250 84 17'‐18' 67 75.5 79.75 2450 88 17'‐18.5' 67 77.5 82.75 2650 102 18'‐19' 84 93 97.5 2850 102 19'‐20' 84 93 97.5 2850 102 20 ...

What size trailer do you need for a pontoon boat? An 18 foot pontoon boat requires an a 18 – 21 foot long trailer. A 21 foot pontoon boat requires a 21 – 24 foot long trailer. A 24 foot pontoon boat requires a 21 – 27 foot long trailer. Opting for the bigger sized trailer is advised as it gives you extra space when turning thus keeping ...

For trailerable boats (those under 8′ 6″ in beam, take into account two measurements — length and weight. Length should be measured from the farthest point at the bow to the end of the hull’s running surface. In general, trailers are typically about two feet longer than the boat itself.

Whether you're planning to buy a trailer to fit a new boat or to transport a boat you already own, make sure the trailer is big enough to accommodate the boat comfortably, but snugly. You'll need to know how big your boat is at its longest and widest dimensions, then match those dimensions to the size of the trailer. It's important to know exactly how to measure the trailer so your boat isn't hanging over the sides like laundry draped over a clothesline.

Re: How to size a trailer for a boat?? general rule of thumb is that the overall trailer length should be 10% more than the base boat length not including added swim platform or bow pulpit.... This is just a starting point..... Of course there are other measurements.... on some trailers the bunks aren't adjustable so they need to match up too.

How wide of a boat can you trailer? In most states, a boat must have a beam width of 8 feet six inches (8’6″) wide or less for trailering. However, the answer to that question can depend on many factors. It all comes down to the terrain on which you will be hauling, the vehicle weight and the level of comfort you want in the process.

Finding the Right Capacity Winch for your Boat Trailer Boat-size-to-winch capacity is generally 2 to 1 With good rollers and short winching distances, increase the ratio to 3 to 1 With wooden bunks and long winching distances, reduce the ratio to 1 to 1 For example, a 2,200-lb boat generally requires a 1,100-lb winch. If the same boat were winched a short distance with a low incline and with rollers in good condition, it can be safely winched with a 900-lb winch. The boat requires a winch ...

Do All Boat Trailers Have Brakes? Not all boat trailers have brakes, it depends greatly on the size of the trailer and the manufacturer. Usually, single axle trailers don’t come equipped with brakes from the factory. For the most part trailers with two axles or more, come equipped with brakes. Can I Add Brakes To My Boat Trailer? If you purchased your trailer and it did not come equipped with brakes, relax you might still be able to add brakes to your trailer. This can be done if the ...

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