What's the best time to cure marine tex?

Lue Johnston asked a question: What's the best time to cure marine tex?
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  • Be sure to use the correct proportions and keep the application at a minimum of 70˚F. -Let the epoxy cure for a minimum of 48 hours. Leave more time for curing if temperatures are between 60˚F - 68˚F. (At least 72 - 96 hours.) This time for curing allows the amine blush (a waxy surfactant) to come to the surface.

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Really depends on air temperature and the amount of hardener you added but roughly 6-8 hours. It wont be set up 100% by then but hard enough to handle. Leave your overage/waste on a piece of cardboard or paper plate on the table and gauge the cure by the hardiness of the waste. If this is your first time pop it out in the AM.

The syringe works great with marine tex, that's how I plugged the holes in my deck when I put a different console in. That stuff is great, I once mixed a tiny batch and aparently got it wrong and it took several days to cure, but in the end it was rock hard. Another chemical that works great to clean oil/grease is starbright deck cleaner.

CURE TIME: 24 hours at a constant temperature of 72F. Lower temperatures will create longer cure times. It is not recommended to apply the product in temperatures below 55F. Mixing Info Before starting project, store Marine-Tex at 70°F for ease of mixing and application. Read instructions on labels or instruction sheets inserted in packaged kits.

A: Yes, but the Marine-Tex is likely to wash away in moving water while it is trying to cure. The FlexSet is better for underwater applications because it is of a denser consistency. If you would like to try an underwater application, mix the epoxy above the water, then deposit it on wax paper or plastic wrap.

When it gets hard enough to snap instead of flex I take the action out and clean up. I don’t put the rifle back into the stock for a couple of days. The time it takes the Marine-Tex to set varies with the temperature. Set it out in the sun on a hot summer day and an hour and a half later it’s hard.

Allow the epoxy additional cure time before removing clamps or stressing joints. As a general rule, double the cure time for every 18°F drop in temperature. Allow extra time for pre-stressed joints and joints that will be subject to high loads.

Marine-Tex is workable for 30 minutes at 72°F if mixed and spread thin across mixing board. (A lump of material, or higher temperatures, may generate a 15- to 20-minute working time due to the heat the epoxy creates within itself.) Cure Time. The cure time is 24 hours at a constant temperature of 72°F. Lower temperatures will create longer cure times.

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