Where are the parts in cod bo4 zombies boat?

Tevin Jacobi asked a question: Where are the parts in cod bo4 zombies boat?
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The next shield part can be found in three separate spots in the area at the top of the ship called Bridge. The possible spawn locations are on a wall left of the captain's steering wheel, on top of a crate in a room down the hall, and on the back wall closest to the Upper Grand Staircase.

  • First Part This part is placed somewhere at the spawn location on either one of the three locations i.e., the gas pump on the bridge leaning to its side, the boat stuck in the ice opposite the power switch on the bridge or the ice heaps behind the boat where the zombies spawn. Second Part

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This page contains a map of the Voyage of Despair Zombies map in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (COD BO4), also known as Titanic Ship Map. Instead of running back and forth in the game to take a look at the map (and being chased away by zombies), you can refer to the full area map overview below. You start out at the Forecastle on the right side of the ...

Once on the boat, a giant iceberg will appear, along with a giant blue eye. Shoot at the eye until you are teleported to the stairs behind. No damage will be done to the eye during the first stage.

And the order in which you collect these parts matters because the Pack-a-Punch will spawn at the pedestal where you pick up the fourth and final symbol.

Compass - Boat Deck - At the top of the Grand Staircase, take a left onto the Boat Deck and the wooden crate on the left will have a compass. Globe - Mid Deck - On the right-hand side of the Mid ...

In order to do so, you will need to collect three separate parts. Each part has multiple different spawn locations for each part. The parts can be found in the following locations: Part One

There's another gate right next to it. In that room behind the gate, you'll actually see the bench where you'll eventually craft the Brazen Bull. The Brazen Bull crafting bench is behind the gate ...

Look off the edge of the Gondola into the ocean with your Spectral Shield and you should be able to see a Spectral Boat. Your character will comment on the boat, even if it’s quite tricky to ...

The four are shown running on the deck of the ship, along with panicking passengers. They reach a lifeboat as the screen fades to black. The scene returns with the RMS Titanic shown sinking in the background and multiple lifeboats in the ocean. Scarlett, Shaw, Diego, and Bruno are in one of the lifeboats.

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