Where is allen harbor marina in nantucket?

Braden Fadel asked a question: Where is allen harbor marina in nantucket?
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A gorgeous 2020 summer season at the nantucket boat basin

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  • Welcome to Allen Harbor Marine Service, a full-service, family-owned boatyard and marina located on beautiful Nantucket Sound. Well known for providing exceptional sales and service, we have been proudly serving Cape Cod boaters for over 90 years.

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Located in Harwich Port about eight miles west of the eastern tip of Cape Cod, Doanes Creek leads in to Allen Harbor, which has three excellent marinas and a small anchorage for visiting boats. Harwich Port is east of both West Dennis and Dennis Port and is a convenient stop point for boaters traveling Nantucket Sound and the islands.

Allen Harbor Marina is closed for the winter from mid-December through March. Marina staff returns in April. For information during the winter, please email or leave a message on our winter phone line, 401-486-6126. For immediate assistance during off season you can always call the North Kingstown Recreation Department at 401-268-1540.

Allen Harbor Marine Service is one of three harbors in Harwich, with the other two being Wychmere and Saquatucket. It is named after a man named John Allen who bought land on the harbor in the mid-1750s. It was originally a shallow pond with a narrow outlet out to the ocean.

The town of Nantucket and Nantucket Harbor are located 20 miles east of Martha s Vineyard's Edgartown Harbor and 25 miles south of Cape Cod s Hyannis Harbor separated by the Nantucket Sound. There are five marinas in the immediate Nantucket Harbor area and three of them offer space for transient guests. The largest, by far, is the Nantucket ...

A World-Class Nantucket Harbor Marina Getting your bearings is easy at Nantucket Boat Basin, a full-service marina located in historic Nantucket Harbor. The Boat Basin is the premiere luxury destination for New England area sailors and yacht captains. At this full service marina, guests enjoy luxury amenities, pet-friendly docks, and concierge ...

Situated in Harwich Port, this cottage is 0.3 mi (0.4 km) from Allen Harbor Marina and 1.9 mi (3.1 km) from Harwich Port. Earle Road Beach and Pleasant Road ... 4.6 /5 Exceptional!

Nantucket Marinas. Known to most as a premier summer destination, Nantucket Island is truly one of a kind. This whaling town turned quaint little summer getaway finds its cobblestone streets filled throughout the summer months as tourists flock from all over to explore the shingled boutiques and revel in delightful cuisine.

The Boat Basin is a full-service marina that accommodates up to 240 boats, offering concierge service, spa treatments, and a Nantucket boat fueling station. Skip to main content Nantucket, Massachusetts 800-626-2628

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