Where is spectre yacht?

Molly Lueilwitz asked a question: Where is spectre yacht?
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The current position of SPECTRE is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 25.78585 N / 80.18026 W) reported 3 mins ago by AIS.


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⚓ Who owns yacht spectre?

  • Yacht Spectre He is the owner of the yacht Spectre. Rob and Richard own more yachts.

⚓ Who is the designer of the spectre yacht?

  • The interior design by Benetti’s Interior Style Department brings to mind the Art Deco and Liberty moods of certain French interiors, while the flowing, contemporary exterior contours are designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta.

⚓ Who owns the boat spectre?

The 69 metre superyacht Spectre can be seen underway for the first time in a new video released by Benetti. The superyacht, which was delivered to owners John and Jeanette Staluppi in November, can be seen cruising alongside fellow Benetti yachts, the 67 metre Seasense and 63 metre 11.11.

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Where is eclipse yacht?
  • ECLIPSE is currently sailing under the Bermuda flag (along with a total of other 42 yachts). She is currently located at the MB92 refit yard, in Spain, where she has been located for 1 week. For more information regarding ECLIPSE's movements, find out more about BOAT Pro AIS.
Where is eros yacht?

The new season saw the crew head to the Bahamas onboard superyacht STAY SALTY known on the show as EROS.

Where is kismet yacht?

Who is the owner of the yacht Kismet?

  • Kismet is a 95.2m (312 ft)-long superyacht which was built by the Lürssen shipyard in 2014. It is managed by the Moran Yacht & Ship chartering business, and is owned by Pakistani-American billionaire Shahid Khan. The word kismet means "destiny" or "fate" in many languages.
Where is luminosity yacht?

The current position of LUMINOSITY is at West Mediterranean (coordinates 43.54545 N / 10.29647 E) reported 474 days ago by AIS. The vessel is sailing at a speed of 0.1 knots.

Where is podium yacht?

PODIUM is currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag, the 2nd most popular flag state for superyachts with a total of 1240 yachts registered. She is currently located at the superyacht marina The Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club, in Bahamas, where she has been located for 1 week.

Where is r6 yacht?

The name of the Yacht was Boreal, and its home port is in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, according to markings on a lifeboat.

Where is savannah yacht?

The current position of SAVANNAH is at Aegean Sea (coordinates 37.01141 N / 27.42798 E) reported 4 hours ago by AIS.

Where is sirocco yacht?
  • Vessel SIROCCO is a Yacht, Registered in United Kingdom. Discover the vessel's particulars, including capacity, machinery, photos and ownership. Get the details of the current Voyage of SIROCCO including Position, Port Calls, Destination, ETA and Distance travelled - IMO 9397626, MMSI 235011110, Call Sign MMPY9
Where is the.jungle yacht?

International "Jungle Yacht" parked at "Gould's" service station on the way from an International Harvester factory to New York City. ... "Jungle Yacht" Exterior.

Image ID:33771
Collection Name:Photo albums, circa 1899-1965
Original Format Type:photographic print, b&w
Where is yacht argyle?

A List of the Specifications of the ARGYLL:

Superyacht Name:Motor Yacht ARGYLL
The Country the Yacht is Flagged in:Cayman Islands
Official registry port is:George Town
Home port:Fort Lauderdale, USA
Class society used:ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
Where is yacht constance?

CONSTANCE is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 47.73987 N / 6.80884 W) reported 3 mins ago by AIS. The vessel is sailing at a speed of 10.4 knots. The vessel M.Y. CONSTANCE (IMO: 1003176, MMSI 319554000) is a Yacht built in 1986 (35 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Cayman Islands.

Where is yacht goygpus?

Yacht GORGEOUS is a 74' luxury motor yacht built in 2004 by the Canados Shipyard in Ostia, located in the historic port of Rome. ... Boat Specifications.

Length74.1ft / 22.59m
Beam19.1ft / 5.82m
Draft8.11ft / 2.47m
Where is yacht katara?

Where was the Qatari superyacht Katara built?

  • According to Charterworld.com, the boat, which flies under the Qatari flag, was launched in April 2010. "Katara motoryacht was built at the German shipyard Lurssen, who are the largest high quality builder of large mega yachts, such as this formerly called project Crystal," the yacht's description reads.
Where is yacht luna?

The current position of LUNA is in Persian Gulf with coordinates 25.26352° / 55.28289° as reported on 2021-08-18 00:35 by AIS to our vessel tracker app. The vessel's current speed is 0 Knots and is currently inside the port of DUBAI.

Where is yacht madsummer?

The current position of MADSUMMER is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 25.77005 N / 80.14739 W) reported 0 min ago by AIS.

Where is yacht passion?

Stretching 48.5 meters in length, Passion is the largest charter yacht in all of the Galapagos Islands. Originally built as a private luxury yacht, Passion later underwent a complete refit – and is now a luxury motor yacht designed exclusively for extended adventures in the Galapagos Islands.

Where is yacht privacy?
  • Information The current position of PRIVACY is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 26.83202 N / 80.05342 W) reported 3 days ago by AIS. The vessel PRIVACY (IMO: 8979881, MMSI 319164000) is a Yacht built in 2004 (17 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Cayman Islands. Track on Map Add Photo
Where is yacht week?

The Yacht Week is a famous seven-day festival hosted every year in six different locations with Croatia being one. In brief, the festival is nothing less than a full-fledged water adventure. It includes a vast selection of activities organized by The Yacht Week.

Where did yacht come from?

The yacht is an invention of the 14th century Dutch. The Dutch used small, fast boats for chasing smugglers, pirates and criminals. Rich ship owners and merchants began using these small “jaghts” to sail out to celebrate their returning merchant ships.

Where do big yacht dock?

How big is a 4×16 boat dock?

  • A 4×16 dock is 64 square feet X 30 pounds = 1920 pounds spread evenly over the dock. For floating docks, dock capacity varies depending on the size of floats. There is a reference chart in FLOE’s brochure with weights by dock and float size. Can two Shoreways be attached side by side?
Where do yacht designers work?

Yacht designers frequently work as freelance consultants and for private design companies.

Where does a yacht dock?

A marina (from Spanish [maˈɾina], Portuguese [mɐˈɾinɐ] and Italian [maˈriːna]: marina, "coast" or "shore") is a dock or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats. A marina differs from a port in that a marina does not handle large passenger ships or cargo from freighters.