Who owns mega yacht lionheart?

Tianna Hintz asked a question: Who owns mega yacht lionheart?
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Who is the owner of the Lionheart yacht?

  • Raphael Belly. Information Owner Photos Location For Sale & Charter News. Name: Lionheart. Length: 90 m (295 ft) Guests: 12 in 6 cabins. Crew:
  • Brandon Green went to the International School in Monaco and is also active in the Arcadia Group. He is the owner of the yachts Lionheart, Lioness, Lionchase, and (Van Dutch tender) Lion Cub. Green is CEO of the Arcadia Group, a British clothing retailer.

The impressive luxury vessel belongs to Sir Philip Green, British billionaire and owner of Topshop, and his wife Lady Tina Green, who is a Monaco resident. The Lionheart is the biggest yacht ever built by historic Italian yacht-maker Benetti and was bought by Sir Philip Green for an estimated 150 million dollars.

LIONHEART Yacht – Philip Green's $150M Superyacht

Volume:2,990 ton
Price:US$ 150 million
Annual Running Cost:US$ 10 – 15 million
Owner:Philip Green

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