Who owns mega yacht savannah?

Brandt Pfannerstill asked a question: Who owns mega yacht savannah?
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Its owner is Lukas Lundin, chairperson of Lundin Mining Corporation. In addition to its unique and fuel-efficient hybrid propulsion system, Savannah features a sleek and modern interior, winning several awards for design and style at the 2016 ShowBoats Design Awards.

  • His brother Ian lives a few houses down the road. He is owner of the yacht Savannah. Lundin is the owner of a Bombardier Global 6000 private jet with registration 9H-LDN.

Lukas Lundin's SAVANNAH yacht is an 83.5-metre (273.11 ft) superyacht built by the Dutch shipyard Feadship and launched in 2015. ... SAVANNAH Yacht – Lukas Lundin's $140 Million Superyacht.

Volume:2,305 ton
Owner:Lukas Lundin

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