Who owns the attessa 4 yacht?

Antonina Buckridge asked a question: Who owns the attessa 4 yacht?
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What's the value of the yacht Attessa IV?

  • In the port of Los Cabos, the “Attessa IV” stands out, a luxurious yacht valued at 250 million dollars, with its own spa and helipad Los Cabos.-

How big is the Attessa IV yacht?

  • The ” Attessa IV ” has 2,600 square meters of usable space, and is capable of accommodating 36 guests and 21 crew members in its luxurious enclosures. As if that were not enough, this yacht has its own spa, a pool on the upper deck, a karaoke room, a helipad, and even an elegant gallery of works of art and glassware inside.

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