Who owns the yacht named triton?

Nikki Hintz asked a question: Who owns the yacht named triton?
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Who owns Tracker Boats?

  • Tracker Marine Group . It is the #1 boat manufacturer in the United States and specializes in fishing and recreational boats. It was founded in 1978 by John Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops. The company is currently owned by Bass Pro Shops, and is most popular for the Bass Tracker, the first fish-ready bass boat.

We've heard some pretty funny stories about who supposedly owns certain yachts, but a story about how Hollywood's Baldwin family owns this one truly was, shall we say, creative.

Does Bass Pro own Triton boats?

  • SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Bass Pro Group announced today an agreement to acquire Fishing Holdings LLC, a manufacturer of fishing boats that include Ranger Boats and the Stratos and Triton boat brands, from Platinum Equity. The agreement combines popular fishing boat brands that are recognized internationally.

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