Why are clear vinyl windows good for boats?

Charlene Kunde asked a question: Why are clear vinyl windows good for boats?
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  • Clear vinyl windows allow you to enjoy your boat in all kinds of weather. A series of windows can be made to form an enclosure that will not only keep your boat's occupants dry—it will help keep them warm as well.

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[To Learn More About Strataglass Marine Vinyl, Contact Us Today] Here’s a quick look at the most popular marine window materials on the market today: Vinyl and Polyester Composite: An excellent composite material, vinyl and polyester composite fabrics offers the flexibility you need to curve and bend along a boat’s contours easily. Fabrics made using this composite stay tight against the frame and provide waterproof and mildew resistance.

The Care and Feeding of Your Clear Vinyl Boat Windows 1. Vinyl is a UV-sensitive material which degrades when exposed to sunlight. 2. A vinyl's topcoat holds in plasticizers, softening agents which keep vinyl supple. 3. Clear vinyl has NO topcoat. (The one exception to this rule is Strataglass, ...

This method is quick, easy and effective so you will be able to keep all your boat windows (plastic, vinyl and glass) clean all the time. P.S. Using microfiber cloths and a spritz of water works really well at home too on windows, mirrors, shower enclosures etc. It’s quick and easy. See our article “Too Many Cleaners” for more information.

Boats are wonderful, and with the right care you and your family can enjoy yours for years. However, taking care of your boat and its components - like the vinyl windows - takes care and research.Not knowing how to properly clean your boat’s clear vinyl windows or enclosures can cost big time if you inadvertently damage them by using the wrong techniques and products.

Laying down the vinyl is a job for professionals: The long lengths of material used to minimize joints make it awkward to corral, and working it around compound curves, spray rails, hull windows, design features, and other impediments while maintaining a glass-like surface takes skill and patience.

Re: Best method to clean clear vinyl windows? Maguires makes a plastic cleaner that works well. It's actually a very, very fine grit polish. I've used that for years and my side curtains are in great shape (when they're clean, but that's a different story).

Complete your DIY dodger or make sail windows with our huge assortment of clear vinyl window material. This clear vinyl fabric comes in a variety of thicknesses and tints to match your particular environmental demands and preferences. We also offer clear vinyl covering for soft top cars, including Kal Glass Vinyl featuring an embossed U.S. Department of Transportation Certification Stamp, making it officially certified for automotive applications.

Because of its durability, the vast majority of cushioned boat seats are made of vinyl. How do you clean clear marine vinyl? Wash your windows with a mild soap and water solution, or use an approved clear vinyl window soap you can find online, like 303C Clear Vinyl Cleaner. Rinse your windows off with fresh water to get rid of dirt, dust, and debris.

Clear Vinyl Double Polished For Crystal Clear Viewing (54" & 72" Wide). Prices start at $3.50 Per Yard (Save 25%+ On Full Rolls). Cuts Easily, UV Treated, Durable, Flexible, and Waterproof. Perfect for Porch Enclosures, Boat/Auto Windows, Barriers. 8 Thicknesses: 10, 12, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 Gauge

CrystalClear. CrystalClear offers superior clarity and performance quality in an uncoated vinyl sheet. CrystalClear has been the clear vinyl choice of O.E.M. Boat Builders, Marine Suppliers, Marine and Awning fabricators, and Power Screen Manufacturers worldwide. Learn More Ú.

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