Why are marine engines so expensive?

Maurice Smith asked a question: Why are marine engines so expensive?
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Boat motors (outboards) are expensive because they are equipped with high-quality parts that are not only designed to resist constant working at max RPMs but made with materials meant to resist corrosion well. All of this needs significant work in R&D (more money), resulting in a pricey product.

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The boat engine (outboard) is expensive because they need to withstand the marine environment well, so all the parts used in making one are expensive stuff. And they don’t sell numerous motors all the time, so to stay in business, they need to make a profit, so the price of an outboard (boat motor) is high.

They are in high demand if they are in good condition as they are expensive new. People are far more concerned about reliability in a boat and willing to pay for it.

The quality of the boat motors is impressive. These motors, made with a large percentage of copper, are pretty expensive. In addition to that, the overall internal wires and other materials used to make up the entire product must deliver high quality. It is essential because these motors must survive when submerged in the water.

and obviously, marine engines get worked way harder then a production line engine, so premium parts are used, driving up the price very quickly. people complain about the cost, but few people probably really know how much effort goes into building a premium engine. and its not just the cost of the parts, the overhead to support all the hi dollar machines, dyno's, shop space etc is staggering ...

Car/truck engines use a sleeve type bearing, but marine or at least the old ones used all roller bearings. There's is quite a large price difference in the base cost of the the bearings as well and the set machine set up for the rod caps and journals. And as long as those old bears get oil and don't over heat they are going to last!

Mar 10, 2009. #5. Re: why are boat motors so expensive? It is amazing how expensive these boat motors are, especially the parts. Mine as an aq125a in it. Spark plugs are 30$ wires are over 100$. A new carb if needed is about $900. 180$ for a rebuilt. The raw water impeler is about 30 bucks. But i will admit it is a great engine, been told its a ...

2. Boats use too much fuel, which is expensive Sterndrives, outboards, and jet drives, among other marine engines, use much of the same technology that has boosted auto fuel economy. Exhaust emissions have also decreased significantly.

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Been looking for a new boat as anyone seeing many of my old posts will see. Some of the boats we've looked at have had new engines fitted. Now, given the large cost of this, I was baffled why so many have been re-engined and yet still have petrol motors given the strong diesel bias of so...

Hekimian said ring sealing is an issue with marine engines, so he has his own custom ring sets made. The ring sets are expensive ($300 to $400 per set) but they solve a lot of problems. “With all the things we do to our engines, the engines will usually run 300 to 600 hours or go five to six years before they need any work.

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