Why are there no new boats for sale?

Maddison Zulauf asked a question: Why are there no new boats for sale?
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Rising Demand Triggers Boat Inventory Shortage Amid Pandemic

Escalating boat sales fueled by the coronavirus pandemic have created nationwide shortages of vessels in the U.S. as people clamored to find socially-distanced activities to engage in outside of their homes.

The new-boat inventory shortage has been spurred by a combination of factors, including a shortage of raw materials, employee teams reduced by the COVID-19 outbreak, production shutdowns, shortage of shipping containers and the ability to get boats off-loaded, distributed to the suppliers and delivered to their end ...

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It’s like buying your own private island for $36,000 — the average price of new aluminum boats, according to NMMA. “There were certainly challenges [at the beginning of the pandemic], things were changing so fast day to day, but the good news is pretty much all aspects of boating facilities, from manufacturing getting boats into the water and launching them, can be done at a distance,” explains Donahue.

Sales of boats, marine products and services across the country leaped to a 13-year high in 2020 to $47 billion, increasing 9% from the prior year, according to the National Marine Manufacturers ...

Some have been forced to put their boats up for sale because of how COVID negatively affected their businesses and finances. No shows The way boats sales have played out in the pandemic was ...

You’re not alone. With boat sales at the highest they’ve been in years—even as the pandemic slows and normalcy appears right around the corner—the supply chain simply can’t keep up. When it comes to new engine inventory, Gus Blakely, division head for Suzuki Marine USA, said it best: “As soon as they come in, they go out.”

DURHAMVILLE, N.Y. -- Because of coronavirus, many people are making their vacation plans closer to home and buying boats and jet skis. But if you are in the market to buy one, there might not be many available right now. The owner of Motodug, Doug Weaver, says several new dealers around Durhamville heave nearly no product right now.

Water-lovers have also flooded boat dealerships, snapping up everything and leaving nearly bare sales lots. “We are at a point where inventory can’t keep up with demand,” said Brian Brancaccio, co-owner of Frank’s Marine in Berlin Center. “My inventory of new pontoon boats was low and now we are sold out,” he said.

Sales are surging for boats of all kinds as families turn to them as another form of recreation that's safe from the coronavirus.

3. Confusing Used For New. When it comes to buying a previously loved boat, check your expectations at the door; they can often mislead you. “A used boat is a great way for folks to buy a boat that fits their needs at a price they can afford,” George says.

2007. £135,000. 2007 Late Fairline Targa 38 Low hours 140 Hours 2 X VOLVO D6 310S EVC Lying Jersey Channel Islands Jersey from new . New props in 2019 recently serviced bedding still in plastic never used , cooker never used BBQ never used Big spec including Ersbacher heating throughout the boat , big navi BIG SPEC new software ,Bow and stern ...

2003. $38,999. If there was ever a boat that incorporated everything Chaparral has learned in almost 40 years of building boats, the Sunesta 243 is it. Chaparral has fashioned some styling ideas from the award-winning SSi sportboats, added some storage features from the new generation Signature cruisers, and wrapped it all in the family-minded ...

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