Why did i capture one ship in viking conquest?

Jannie Lueilwitz asked a question: Why did i capture one ship in viking conquest?
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  • So, even if the actual reason is that the ship has been taken in hand to hand and not damaged, or that I had only one ship as opposed to four, the capture would correlate with the observation. As I play on Ironman, I cannot actually test it, and I have not played Viking Conquest in a while.

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Buying ships is expensive and some would argue, pointless. Captured ships might serve you better while you save up for a commissioned vessel. Since capturing vessels is random, there might come a time when having options is more valuable than the gold itself. A higher Looting skill level increases your chances of capturing enemy vessels.

Viking expansion was the historical movement which led Norse explorers, traders and warriors, the latter known in modern scholarship as Vikings, to sail most of the North Atlantic, reaching south as far as North Africa and east as far as Russia, and through the Mediterranean as far as Constantinople and the Middle East, acting as looters, traders, colonists and mercenaries.

This is a guide for the salty cyber-mariners out there who want to pick up a trick or two about how to have fun sailing in this DLC....

Viking Conquest Trade Tips and game tips! ... Once you have enough money, wich doesn't take long, you should buy a big ship, preferably one you can put 90 guys on. Once you have that, and assuming you have around 80 elite Vikings (4-5 reaming groups), you can capture all cities near water.

The Vikings coveted Constantinople but could never breach its walls. Only by becoming the personal bodyguards of the Byzantine emperor did the Nordic warriors grab a piece of its wealth.

The Viking fleet of 120 ships under command of Ragnar sailed up the Seine and sacked Rouen in March of 845. Charles the Bald assembled an army and sent it to protect Paris. It was divided in two parts, one per river bank. Ragnar's Vikings defeated one part and the other fled.

Ibn Fadlan, an Islamic geographer, travelled on one such ship and noted how the Vikings had poor hygiene, were riddled with parasites and often fell sick with disease. These ships stopped at several trading stations along a long-distance trade route whereby people, animals and goods where uploaded and offloaded along with their hitchhiking, diseased-filled, parasites.

From the creators of the popular “Brytenwalda” mod, “Viking Conquest” is a brand new DLC for Mount & Blade Warband! This single and multi player DLC brings Mount & Blade to historical Dark Age Britain, complemented by authentic scenes and cultures.

Sarmin. Ager Sanguinis. Hab. Azaz. Marj al-Saffar. The Norwegian Crusade, led by Norwegian King Sigurd I, was a crusade or a pilgrimage (sources differ) that lasted from 1107 to 1111, in the aftermath of the First Crusade. The Norwegian Crusade marks the first time a European king personally went to the Holy Land.

In 711, shortly after the Arab conquest of North Africa, the city of Ceuta was used as a staging ground in the Umayyad conquest of Hispania. However, the city was destroyed in 740 and only rebuilt in the 9th century, passing to the Caliphate of Córdoba in the 10th century. In the subsequent centuries it remained under the rule of the ...

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