Why do i have no money in sea of thieves?

Sammy Strosin asked a question: Why do i have no money in sea of thieves?
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  • Occasionally, you may load into Sea of Thieves and find you don’t have any items, that your currency will be completely depleted, or that your ship hasn’t appeared. You may also find you aren’t receiving new money or earning reputation for completing voyages. Quit to the main menu of Sea of Thieves and then reconnect to the game.

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From Steam, right click Sea of Thieves in your games list 2. Select Properties from the context menu 3. Click Local Files 4. Select 'Verify Integrity of Game Files...' After completing the above process and ensuring that the correct accounts are signed back in, you should no longer receive issues when purchasing premium content. Using the Steam Store

It seems like there are two issues causing Sea of Thieves players to lose their gold. The first issue has to do with selling chests. There’s a possibility when you sell a chest to the Gold...

If the purchase amount has been taken from your bank account but you do not receive the item and you are instead displayed one of the following error messages: "Unable to complete your purchase, Ancient Coins have been added to your account instead. Please contact Microsoft Store Support if you require a refund."

Sea of Thieves is suffering from a lot of bugs at launch, which perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise in a new live game. It is still bloody annoying, though. Anyway, if you’ve completed a quest for the...

The main method of earning Gold in Sea of Thieves is to sell Treasure to Trading Companies in the Adventure Mode or competing in matches of The Arena. It has no skill based advantages, only cosmetics. Doubloons: Doubloons are the currency used by the Bilge Rats, acquired by completing Commendations and Mercenary Voyages for the Company.

It's not unfair, because if you sink you'll lose everything regardless afterall coming back to life has a price to be paid and that price is having a brand new ship on a random island with no players around.

Getting gold is pretty much your main goal in Sea of Thieves and the main way to earn money is to complete Journeys for the three factions, which you pick up at their tents on any outpost island.

This Gold Hack was sent in to me by a user named Rolf Apilos, 1st time i've seen this, and it works! Amazing!Please remember to like, share and comment. It h...

Every little thing you do in the game, like turning in your treasure chests for money, decorating your ship, buying new outfits and weapons, or purchasing pets will be recorded.

Hairy, mischievous and fond of bananas - it's no wonder that pirates and monkeys get along. Monkeys are one type of available companion Pets in Sea of Thieves. They can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins . Monkeys tend to be mischievous and playful in nature, not afraid to show their opinion about things happening around them.

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