Why do pontoon boats sink?

Roslyn Orn asked a question: Why do pontoon boats sink?
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Poor weight distribution, using the wrong motors, having water in the pontoons, inappropriate handling of the vessel especially in waves and chop, and using the boat in the type of very harsh conditions it was not designed to be used in, are all things that can cause a pontoon boat to sink.

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Why do pontoon boats sink? Overloading. Loading a pontoon boat to the point where it is over capacity is not a smart thing to do. Overloading is... Poor weight distribution. Not distributing the weight correctly on a pontoon boat can lead to the boat sinking,... Wrong motor types mounted. The HP of ...

A pontoon boat sits on tubes called pontoons, which is how they get their name. There are two of these hollow tubes that keep the boat afloat. But if they take in water over time, it can cause the boat to sink a little lower in the water, causing it to plough. This prevents the boat from going on plane easily.

So, why do pontoon boats sink? The sinking of your pontoon boat may be triggered by several factors, among which are; uneven weight distribution on the boat, inadequate handling, especially in rough water conditions, installing and operating the boat using wrong motors, overloading

What Causes a Pontoon Boat to Sink? Overloading. All pontoon boats have a weight capacity as set by the manufacturer and a good way to check if you’ve... Poor Weight Distribution. You may have the correct amount of people on board for your pontoon size, but having them all... Water in the Tubes…

Pontoon boats can indeed sink, although it doesn’t happen often. For your boat to go under, each pontoon tube would have to be severely punctured and damaged. Even then, your boat probably wouldn’t sink completely due to the airtight chambers of the pontoon tubes. These are designed to keep your boat upright.

Considering the conditions that could cause your boat to capsize, you might actually say that flipping a pontoon is more likely that sinking one due to tube damage. But then again, the conditions for flipping a pontoon boat are pretty outlandish.

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Most sinking occurs while the boat is tied up to the dock stored in the water. The most common reasons for them to sink is because of some small part failing to work properly, such as hoses or hose clamps, bilge pumps, scuppers being clogged, etc. And most of the time it’s from parts that are found under the waterline.

The moral of the story for vacationers who rent (or borrow) pontoon boats: take the waves “on the beam” instead of head on; slow the engine; even though a pontoon boat can’t sink, always ...

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