Why does my boat motor keep dying?

Michelle Hauck asked a question: Why does my boat motor keep dying?
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If your boat motor is fuel injected, a dirty or defective airflow sensor can cause poor engine performance. Cleaning or replacing the airflow sensor may clear up your stalling problems. A dirty carburetor can't properly regulate the air and fuel mixture that the engine needs to run which can lead to stalling problems.

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In under two minutes, you could learn how to solve the problem for good! This helpful YouTube video by Succstrat explains what might be affecting your ability to get going. The way you have your primer bulb mounted could be your issue—and even if it isn’t–this guy’s accent and deadpan delivery are worth watching!

If your boat battery keeps dying there could be many reasons for this problem. One of the more common reasons with an outboard boat engine is that the rectifier is not working correctly. Just like the alternator on a car, the rectifier is supposed to charge your battery while the engine is running.

Your boat feels like it's running out of strength (and you've ruled out the No. 1 breakdown reason — running out of fuel). You most likely have a filter problem or fouled plugs. That could be why your boat motor is losing power. Solution: Replace the in-line fuel filter.

How many times have you stepped on your boat. Just to find out that the battery is dead? Or after only two or three trips out in the boat, you are left with a dead battery? Why Does My Boat Battery Keep Dying? Boat batteries continually die because of three main reasons: 1.) Age and lack of water. 2.) A charging issue with the engine. 3.) A parasitic draw on the battery that is draining it all of the time, even when the batteries are off.

Outboard Boat Engine wont stay running - Adjust Idle Screw - VERY EASY. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device ...

Look at the shift mechanism where the cables attach on the engine. With the engine running and the boat in the water and the drive in reverse, have someone shift out of reverse and see if the shift mechanism keeps the shift interrupt switch activated. If it does, then you have a cable or drive problem.

Cleaning the jets in a boat motor carb without removing the carb.

This could result from a ruined water pump impeller, which will require service. But more often than not, the issue arises because the tell-tale is clogged with grit, mud, or a bit of seaweed the engine picked up. If you don’t know which is the cause, you’ll have to pull the boat and head for the mechanic. Bummer.

The proper choke adjustment will allow the choke plate to close when you advance the throttle a bit on a cold engine before it’s started. A visual check will prove this. Then as the engine warms up at the dock, you will see the choke plate swing towards open. On a fully warmed up engine, the choke plate will be completely open.

A dirty flame arrestor/air box can cause your boat engine to stall. Remove the debris using carb cleaner and a wire brush. Air boxes, especially those that are stored in non-marine environments, are susceptible to being clogged with debris such as animal nesting. Make sure the air box is free from debris prior to each startup.

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