Why does my boat stall when i give it gas?

Ella Reynolds asked a question: Why does my boat stall when i give it gas?
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A clogged fuel line inhibits the flow of fuel from the boat's gas tank to the engine… However, if the fuel filter becomes damaged or dirty, it can result in a clogged fuel line, causing a lean mixture and stalling under acceleration.

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Stale Gasoline Many boat owners find that their boat engines are stalling when they use their engine for the first time in a new season. While it might seem like bad luck, it may be related to the gas that you are using. Gasoline can go bad after a period of a month or so; especially if it is mixed with ethanol which is the case in many areas.

The typical two stroke outboard carb has two systems so to speak. The idle circuit is somewhat independent of the high speed circuit being higher in the carb, and this keeps it out of the gunk that gasoline forms when allowed to evaporate from sitting up.

Because outboard engines tend to sit over the winter time, holes in the intake manifold gasket can occur. These increase the air intake, causing a lean fuel mixture and vacuum pressure problems. The result is poor acceleration, rough idle and stalling. A manifold leak is easily detected by a hissing sound coming from the source of the leak.

Why Does My Boat Keep Stalling? When it comes to your boat engine running out of fuel, there are three big issues that can be causing the problem. Either the engine’s lift pump has failed, the boat is out of fuel. Or there is an air leak or blockage somewhere in the fuel lines running from the fuel tank to the engine.

Leaving a tank near empty for long periods of time can cause condensation and water in the gas. For long-term storage, fill the tank, and for periods of more than three months, you might want to consider a fuel stabilizer. If so, make sure to run the boat long enough to get the treated gas into the engine as well.

Sounds like you might have water in your gas. Drain the gas out of the float bowl on your carb into a container and check for water. It idles fine because the water and gas separate and the water floats on top of the gas, you draw so little gas at idle that it never pulls the water from on top.

Re: outboard stalls when advancing throttle past idle speed It sounds like a fuel problem. Next time it dies check the bulb and see if it is hard. If it’s soft then you have a leak or a bad fuel pump.

Atmospheric pressure in the tank through the vent pushes the fuel from the tank to the engine. In this case, the check valves are both slightly open and allowing fuel flow at the rate that the engine is using it. When the day’s boating is over, most boaters disconnect the hose at the tank, and allow the engine to run itself out of fuel.

check the fuel pumps strength while you are at it,with the carbs full,remove the output hose from the pump and attach a longer hose you can run into a bucket. start the engine and let it idle,the stream should be strong and free of air bubbles.

A dirty flame arrestor/air box can cause your boat engine to stall. Remove the debris using carb cleaner and a wire brush. Air boxes, especially those that are stored in non-marine environments, are susceptible to being clogged with debris such as animal nesting. Make sure the air box is free from debris prior to each startup.

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